Bajaj XCD (Right Side View) will be available in June 2011 in India


Bajaj XCD Review:

Bajaj Auto introduced two models in XCD model range. At first it was Bajaj XCD 125cc in the year 2007 and then Bajaj XCD 135cc after two years. Both the bikes did well in the first couple of months since their launches. In 2008, both the bikes won a couple of awards from distinguished publications but in the long run the bikes could not stand in terms of sales. Baja Auto discontinued both the Bajaj XCD bikes at the end of year 2009. However, stocks of the bikes are still in sales at various showrooms in India. The company is not producing new Bajaj XCDs as of now.

Bajaj XCD comes in two models: Bajaj XCD 125cc and Bajaj XCD 135cc. Bajaj XCD 135 DTS Si comes in three variants viz, kick start, self start and disc brake. Whereas Bajaj XCD 125 has only single variant that is kick start/self start. There is a slight difference in the price tag of all these variants on account of features.

Bajaj XCD 125 DTSSi sports air cooled, 4 stroke DTS-Si engine with a displacement of 125cc. The powertrain of the Bajaj XCD 125 generates a maximum power of 7.01 Kw at 7,000 rpm and churns a peak torque of 10.58 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The bike has got 4 speed manual gearbox and kick and self start options. Bajaj XCD 125 boasts of 8 litres of fuel tank and 1275mm of wheelbase. The fuel efficiency of the bike is around 65 kmpl. Bajaj XCD 135 DTSSi has bigger engine than its younger sibling. The engine is comprised of 4 stroke, air cooled, DTSSi with a displacement of 134.6cc. The mill of Bajaj XCD 135 DTSSi produces a peak power of 10.2 Ps at 7,500 rpm and top torque of 11.58 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

The bike has got the same size wheelbase as the Bajaj XCD 125. The bike comes in self start, kick start and disc brake options. The bike has been loaded with same capacity petrol tank as its younger sibling and delivers approx same fuel efficiency. Both the models of Bajaj XCD come with alloy wheels and digital instrument panel. There are some cosmetic difference in both the models as well except its fuel tank.

Bajaj Xcd Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

The higher end model of the Bajaj XCD range is Bajaj XCD 135 and its comes with air cooled, 4 stroke, DTSSi engine with a displacement of 134.6cc. The engine produces a maximum power of 10.2 PS at 7500 rpm and develops a top torque of 11.58 Nm at 5,000 rpm. It has got a fuel tank of 8 litres. The claimed fuel efficiency for the Bajaj XCD bikes are above 100 kmpl. But actually, it delivers around 65 kmpl in city.

Bajaj Xcd Colors

The Bajaj XCD is available in blue, black and red colour. The body colour is painted at front fender, fuel tank, tank shrouds, side and rear side panels. Apart from these, the Bajaj XCD has got black treatment except silencer’s heat shield.

Acceleration and Pick up of Bajaj Xcd

Bajaj XCD has been equipped with class leading engine and other technology that ensure best results every time. The Bajaj XCD has got 4 stroke, air cooled, DTSSi engine for better power, acceleration and fuel efficiency. The top-end model of the Bajaj XCD range generates a top power of 10.2 PS at 7,500 rpm and delivers a peak torque at 11.58 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The claimed top speed of the bike is around 90 kph. Bajaj XCD can touch 0-60 sprint in just 8 seconds while 0-80 mark can be touched in 17 seconds. The figures are enough to tell you the capacity and power of the machine.

Appearance of Bajaj Xcd

Bajaj XCD comes in a very stylish body work and stance. The design is aggressive and sharp with latest features. The bike has a few distinctive features that stands it above others in the class. The front view of the Bajaj XCD has been decorated with sleek mask in body colour. The mask sports clear vision headlamp and front indicators at the both sides of it. At the top of the mask, a black tinted wind screen is fitted for safety and comfort of the rider.

Bajaj XCD 125 is the first bike which was blessed with digital meters at the dashboard. It has got digital fuel gauge, speedometer and analogue tachometer. Other indicators also find their place at the sporty and high-tech console. The fuel tank of the Bajaj XCD is sleek and flat which attracts the viewers by bike logo. The petrol tank has been added with sharp tank shrouds. These shrouds give the bike a different look along with sporty stance.

The seat of the Bajaj XCD is flat with enough cushion. It ensure two person seating with ease and ultimate comfort. Rear grab rail is fitted for passengers’ safety. The tail side of the Bajaj XCD is located at the end of the rear side panel. Rear fender of the machine is sharp and sporty as well. Bajaj XCD comes with aggressive muffler and silver colour heat shield. The Bajaj XCD 135 DTSSi gets full sized heat shield while XCD 125cc has short heat shield. The higher end model of the Bajaj XCD range has been equipped with extra mud-guard at rear just over the tyre. Both the Bajaj XCD models has got five spoke black matt alloy wheels.

Comfort Feature of Bajaj Xcd

Bajaj XCD is a commuter bike and has been packed with class-leading features that promise super cool look and continuous performance. The seat of the Bajaj XCD are longer and flat that accomodate two riders easily. Even a fatter size person would not feel squeeze himself. For firm sitting and safety, footpegs and footrest. Rear grab rail is also fitted for the same. The higher end model of Bajaj XCD has got disc brakes at front that enure sensitive braking. The Bajaj XCD has been equipped with LCD instrument panel that shows necessary indications while your are riding. Even you can reduce chances of noticed by traffic police by seeing the dashboard of the bike when you are driving beyond the set speed limit on a particular road.

Dimensions of Bajaj Xcd

Both the models of the Bajaj XCD has approx same dimensions. A slight difference is there in length and height. Width is same for both the models that is 760mm. However the length of Bajaj XCD 125 and Bajaj XCD 135 are 1980mm and 1990mm respectively.

In the same way, Bajaj XCD 125 has got a height of 1280mm and the top end model has 1080mm of height. Each model has same size wheelbase that is 1275mm. Bajaj XCD 125 has 170mm of ground clearance and 165mm for the higher end model.

Bajaj Xcd Engine

The Bajaj XCD bikes are equipped with the same quality and powerful engine that adorns higher-end bikes of Bajaj Auto. The engine has got DTSSi technology that is patented technology of Bajaj. It promise great power, air-fuel mixture, fuel efficiency etc. The top-end model of Bajaj XCD series is 135cc model. The powertrain of the Bajaj XCD 135 is capabale of churing out a top power of 10.2 PS at 7500 rpm and develops a peak torque of 11.58 Nm at 5,000 rpm. It sports a five speed gearbox that was a rare thing in these kind of bikes a year ago.

Bajaj Xcd Wheels

Bajaj XCD has been loaded with larger size tyres and wheels. Both the models has been blessed with front 2.75-17 and rear 3.00-17 inch trye size. The wheel type is alloy that comes in black matt finish with five spokes. The wheels are light weight and durable plus gives sporty look.

Suspension of Bajaj Xcd

Bajaj XCD 125 has been assembled with latest forks at each end. The front fork is telescopic type with 125mm of wheel travel. Whereas the rear suspension of Bajaj XCD is 5 step adjustable with dual SNS 105mm of wheel travel. On the other hand, the Bajaj XCD 135 boasts of front telescopic type with 130mm of wheel travel and sports nitrox gas suspension at rear end. The suspension system of Bajaj XCD has great technology and durability that further add to the comfort and stability of the bike.

Handling & Control Bajaj Xcd

Bajaj XCD falls in commute segment of bikes in India. The Bajaj XCD comes fitted with powerful engine, suspension, brakes and standard tyres. The braking sytem of the brand is turst worthy whether it comes with front disc brake or both drum brakes. Since the height of the bike is short, controlling it will be much easier. For best braking you should use both brakes at the same time. It will save you from skidding and provides instant braking.

Bajaj Xcd Pros

Distinctive fuel tank design, impressive mileage, eye-catching front cowl.

Bajaj Xcd Cons

Not comfortable for taller riders, small fuel tank and wheelbase.

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