Model: Fusion-110cc


Model: Cruize-100cc

  1. Wazed says:

    You guys better make some cooler bikes in the future and make them original ,not copy cats from honda , you should look at Yamaha FZS, Megelli and Hyosung Karion for inspiration(but dnt copy their design), I wish you the best of luck… a Bangladeshi ,I would like to see a Bangladeshi company on the top and not some neighboring country

  2. tanveer says:

    ok those re good byke.

  3. pulak commercial executive says:

    Dear, Do I buy a motor cycle in yearly instalment basis? my choosing bike your FUTION 110. please advice. thanks pulak cell 01818449854 chowdhury group

  4. walton xplore when will come

  5. vivek says:

    i am buying a the new xplore is it good?

  6. Mehedy says:

    I am thinking to buy fusion 110cc. I like it because it has disc brake system in front wheel. But I want to know some information & experience from you guys actually who are now using this bike.

    Basically what is the price of fusion now & is this really over hit? What about Mileage per liter? Many people said me that fusion engine made from china and if it ride too mile then it will be hit and stop, is this true? I want to know. Anyone Please help me & let me know.

  7. asim says:

    sir how many price in bangla

    • pritam284 says:

      You don’t need to tell me sir. You can call me Pritam. There is no exact price of walton bikes. It varies from 90 thousand to 120,000 taka. I think you should visit some Walton showrooms to know the exact price.

  8. chhoton says:

    vaiya fusion 125 or xplore 125. Which better ? I’m confuse. Konta besi smooth & comfortable. Xplore ki double disk break ?

  9. salman says:

    what about waltons new bike PRISM . is it better than fusion or cruize

  10. himelminhaj says:

    hi prtam.i’m himel.i wanna buy walton fusion125cc motorbike.may i buy this bike in monthly installment?if i can what r the conditions?pls tell me the details about it.

    • pritam284 says:

      Hello Hemel. Everyone is getting me wrong. I’m not a bike dealer of seller. I’m just a bike lover & I love blogging. In this platform I just wanna introduce bikes with my visitors. I think you can buy Walton Fusion 125cc on monthly installment. My suggestion is that you should go physically to any Walton Showroom. From there you will get exact informations.

  11. iqbal hossain says:

    walton should need to make the best quality bike so indian bike will be lost market in our country . if it’s happen it will be good benifit to the walton company also bangladesh will be benefited. coz our country money will not go out of our country. as a banglai i like to say that u guys try to love our contry our motherland pls dont become broker of india or any other countrys. “DO SOMETHING BEST FOR YOUR COUNTRY & SHOW TO THE WORLD.”

  12. Rafique ahmed, says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    When we can “Plazar”new moddle of motor bike? I am waiting to buy it. Also i need to know the actual walton plaza show room price,
    Waiting for reply,
    Best n regards,

  13. saju says:

    fusion 110 cc market price koto .aktu bolben bai .pls

  14. raz says:

    plz Vi, sobaike 1ta request Pritom vi bike seller or diller na, so amra obantor ques,, korbo na. prio vi ami new bike kinte ci waltone ar cruize,fusion,prizon,xplore konta comfortable stylish & oil safty hobe… plz ans dile kusi hobo.

    • pritam284 says:

      Thanks Bro, For telling other’s the actual thing about me. I will recommend Walton Fusion for you. I was collecting reviews for walton bikes. Many of walton biker’s told me that they like fusion. Some guys also like xplore but I think fusion will be better for you.

  15. zia uddin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    When we can “Plazar”new moddle of motor bike? I am waiting to buy it. Also i need to know the actual walton plaza show room price,
    Waiting for reply,
    Best n regards,

  16. static says:

    dear brother…do these walton bikes have the same durability like those of indian bikes. for instance, Hero Honda passion plus 2003. I have been riding the bike for more than 7 years. till date, no major problem is observed. people suggest that, proper maintenance ensures the bike’s performance. I agree with that, but i am against extensive servicing that is required by those bajaj or TVS bikes. I don’t get fascinated by fancy looks or mileage. What i want is notably good quality and extreme durability. I believe, my question is clear to u. waiting for your response

    • pritam284 says:

      Hi bro,

      Walton BD wants to give their best products to its consumers. As far as I know they are working hard for it. Many promising people works there. I interviewed some Walton Motorcycle consumer’s they told me, they are feeling good with it. Still now they don’t get any major problem. They feel happy riding Walton bikes. So I suggest you can buy Walton Bikes.

  17. ahsan says:

    for my friends in this site.walton fusion110 price is 84000 at present,,last few days i was also trying to search a less used walton fusion110,,but few bikers said that walton is not good as far as the longivity is concern,and after a year it becomes loose and noisy in rough road,,so i am kind of discouraged about buying walton. what do u say pritam

    • pritam284 says:

      thanks for your comment. I got the same answer from some walton bikers. Ok I need to take a survey on that. I will let everyone know everyone with the latest conditions of walton bikes & what it’s users feel.

  18. tarique says:

    vaia plz ami khub confused…ektu bolben dayang bullet ot walton fushion 125cc konta better hobe buy korar jonno…plzzzzzz

  19. A.R.PROTTOY says:

    vai walton er bike gulo 1 year na hotei sound baje hoye jay keno?& agulo 3-4 years er beshi tike na keno?taka to kom ney na but quality eto foul keno?walton er ki kokhono unnoti hobena?

    • pritam284 says:

      bro I don’t know anything about their production because I don’t work there. I think it’s the first time BD launched motorcycles & there is possibility of errors.

  20. shojib says:

    brother i have a fusion.7 months age koyek din khub valo kore drive korar por o sound nosto hoye gese & colour jole gese.akhon ata keu nite chaina jara chay tara 20000 tk r upor bolena.ami eta niye unlucky.walton ar quality ato faltu ken?amra student ra ki korbo?amar koyek jon friend der 1 e obostha.walton HIRA dekhiye keno KACH bikri korche???

    • arif says:

      Everyone is bragging about the problem of walton motorcycles. These are the first bikes of our country . They’re inexperienced . But recently they are improving . My father bought a walton STYLEX . And we are driving it for about 6 or 7 months . I drove it at average 65Kmph . And had gained top speed of 90Kmph . My friend with discover 125 couldn’t even compete . And now all of my friends are jealous . Its your choice and driving that makes it better.

  21. azhar says:

    Dear Pritam Vaia,
    could u pls explain about “Plazar140cc”. Launch time, price and others. Thanks in advance.

  22. Ehsan says:

    Walton bd is now fast growing company in Bangladesh. They have produced different types of stylish motor bikes. Early 1998’s they launched their company with the highest mission and introduced very promising young staffs. This is very much a good opportunity to buy Walton bike of any other model with a very cheap price. Walton Bike is very good millage and good out looking for young people. I wish and believe that this company will bring our countries values of the world.

  23. Shaheen says:

    xplora 140cc price and chittagong address

    Cell: 01911757575

  24. shyam says:

    pritom vai,,what about walton prizom 110 cc.

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